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Titlu referat: Stress

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"Without stress, there would be no
One can hardly pick up a newspaper or
magazine or watch TV without seeing or hearing some reference to Stress .Why all the sudden fuss and
fascination?  After all, stress has been around since Adam and Eve were
evicted from the Garden of Eden. Is it because there is much more stress today?
Is it because the nature of contemporary stress is somehow different and more
dangerous?  Or is it because scientific research has increasingly confirmed
the crucial role stress can play in causing and aggravating different disorders
and the diverse mechanisms of actions responsible for mediating its
multitudinous effects?
Stress is an unavoidable consequence of life.
However, just as distress can cause disease, it seems plausible that there are
good stresses that promote wellness. Stress is not always necessarily harmful.
Winning a race or election can be just stressful as losing, or more so, but may
trigger very different biological responses. Increased stress results in
increased productivity -- up to a point. However, this level differs for each
of us. It's very much like the stress on a violin string. Not enough produces a
dull, raspy sound. Too much tension makes a shrill, annoying noise or snaps the
string. However, just the right degree can create a magnificent tone.
Similarly, we all need to find the proper level of stress that allows us to
perform optimally and make melodious music as we go through life.
The body may contain its own best pharmacy.
Good health is more than just the absence of illness. Rather, it is a very
robust state of physical and emotional well-being, that acknowledges the
importance and inseparability of mind/body relationships. There is no single
level of stress that is optimal for all people. We are all individual creatures
with unique requirements. As such, what is distressing to one may be a joy to
another. And even when we agree that a particular event is distressing, we are
likely to differ in our physiological and psychological responses to it.
It has been found that most illness is
related to unrelieved stress. If you are experiencing stress symptoms, you have
gone beyond your optimal stress level; you need to reduce the stress in your
life and/or improve your ability to manage it.

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