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Hørsholm International
School 2005
My Favourite Book of all
Time! Grades 6 to10
Student Name: ____Alex Bulea_____ Grade: ___9i__ Date:
_18th _
Title of Book: Dune
Author: Frank Herbert
Number of Pages:
of Book: SF
Describe in 50 words just how good it is:
DUNE is a spectacular and captivating, and produces a
strong impression from the first pages. This book has a complicated plot, full
of intrigue and mystery, well developed characters and many questions and
problems that we are facing today transposed within its pages. DUNE represents
an intelligent, complex, expressive and full of adventure combination of
scientific data and fiction.  
Why is this the best book you
have ever read? Explain in detail why you chose this
as your favourite book of all time (in about 200 words):
The first time I read DUNE, I was fascinated by the
unique storyline, quickly deciding that it was a great action book. I finally
acknowledged its complexity, at an older age: it is also a political novel, and
it presents, in the authors’ point of view, an answer to the greatest question of all time,
The storyline develops tremendously fast, changing
quickly and drastically in a short time. The themes presented are interesting
and well chosen, varying from the history of a desert planet, its environment,
culture and strange customs to court intrigue and subtle manipulation in a time
when all known world is ruled by a ‘neo- absolutist’ regime, when much depends upon the favor of the Emperor inclining
towards either of the opposing factions. The characters are numerous and well
created, the heroes and anti-heroes having complex personalities and
ideologies; as the narrative unfolded I realized that I liked both. Within this
book it could also be found a descriptor of human nature, the moral types
presented varying from the scheming Baron Harkonnen, whose every action
represents methodical, intentional evil and the fair and noble Duke Atreides,
who values honor above everything else, to the weak and truly individualistic
Emperor and the proud and resourceful Lady Jessica.
I enjoyed reading it, turning every page with great
expectations without being disappointed. I ‘devoured’ every line and experienced a truly
sad moment each time I finished it and had to put it down.
DUNE is a book that I recommend to all types of readers
regardless of age, as it symbolizes different things at different stages in
one’s life.
With DUNE, Frank Herbert won the Nebula and Hugo awards,
his masterpiece being declared the best SF novel of all time. I truly believe
that he achieved a dose of immortality through his works and visionary
imagination. Memorable.
Give a clear, informative and brief summary of the PLOT
(story / storyline) of this book  (novel) in between 100 and 200
words. (If it was a FACTUAL
book, write about the TYPES of INFORMATION it contained.)
The storyline of the book begins when the Atreides house
is awarded a new domain, Arrakis (also known as Dune), a desert planet and the
only source in the known universe of the Spice, a powerful, expensive drug that
prolonged life and improved the intellectual capacities of the consumer. Dune
was previously a Harkonnen domain, and thus exploited to its limits. The gift
of the new feud by the Emperor was a concealed trap, forcing the Atreides
family to relocate to a inhospitable desert wasteland were they would be
exposed to both the unsympathetic residents and wrath of the Baron. The Emperor
would also profit from this since he would receive a great part of the Spice
incomes and a lifetime Spice allowance as tribute. Arrakis was in a deplorable
state, so the investments that had to be made by its new rulers would require a
massive sum of money and thus focused their attention on the development of the
planet instead of maintaining a great, functional army. The Atreides family
managed to slowly transform the local population from a semi-slave work force
to a normal society and improve their life standards, but their reform plans
were interrupted by a Harkonnen invasion. With the help of treason and
unorthodox   war strategy, the Atreides defenses were shattered, the
Duke captured, their supporters and servants scattered in the deserts…facing
a horrible death. Paul, however, alongside his mother, Lady Jessica, manage to
escape the slaughter and cross the desert to seek refuge in the fremen
‘sietches’, towns and defensive shelters of the
rebel population, carved in the mountainsides. The sietches were
self-dependent, collecting water, sharing crops and manufacturing goods for the
benefit of the whole tribe, managing to survive in the bleak wilderness. The
tribe, who pledges allegiance to Paul, helped him to gather some of his
fathers’ loyal troops and
began guerilla attacks on the occupation forces. Paul leads the legions of
‘Fedaykin’ into battle, organizing a surprise
attack on the capital city, where the Imperial Cruiser was stationed alongside
the Harkonnen battleships. He quickly takes control of the city and takes
revenge on the Baron, poisoning him and defeating his heir in a duel (Feyd
Rautha Harkonnen was the primary cousin of Paul Atreides).
Having the Emperor at his mercy, he makes a spontaneous
decision and marries his daughter, thus ensuring that he is heir to the throne.
Paul forces his father in law to abdicate and plunges the world into a
devastating war, leading the merciless hordes of fremen into battle and
destroying all who oppose him, believing that the end justifies the means. He
became Muad’Dib, emperor,
god, prophet and oracle, the ruler of the universe.  
Write a brief description of the behaviour and appearance
of the MAIN character
and (at least) ONE other
character. (If it was a factual book, write down
two NEW things that you
LEARNED from reading it.) Aim for about 50 words per
character (or new piece of learning, if it was a
factual book).
Paul Atreides is, just as his father, Leto, raised up to
be an honest, just and merciful ruler of his house. He is very charismatic and
convincing in all his arguments, proving his intelligence, wisdom and
commitment on countless occasions. He slowly realizes that all his life was a
preparation for a major event that will change him forever. In the presence of
the spice, while battling to cross the deserts of Arrakis to save himself, his
body changes and his mind evolves. He realizes that he is the possessor of an
interminable source of knowledge, the memories of all his ancestors,
transmitted to him through his cells, alongside with the power to predict the
future and locate objects in time and space. He makes an extraordinary
discovery: the Baron is his grandfather on his mothers’ side, and the countless years of
conflict where the result of an absurd vendetta that was born many decades
before. Paul realizes that his destiny is to conquer the Imperial throne and
become Muad’dib the
redeemer and prophet of the fremen, and to be worshiped as a living god. 
Even though he is the possessor of an extraordinary power, he is not arrogant,
retaining the same capacity to adapt to every situation that made him popular
among the fremen.
He is a natural leader, valuing the loyalty of his men,
this being the primary reason for the large number of people who bow to his
will and accept his rule. Most of the followers of the preceding regime, pledge
allegiance to him freely and without violence, considering him a messiah, a
savior and liberator.
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen is one of the negative
characters. He and his followers are situated in complete antithesis with the
Atreides House, using the Arrakians as slaves and hunting the rebels in order
to maintain his monopoly on the Spice and gather as much as possible for his
personal reserves. Incredibly wealthy, he is arrogant and proud, showing his
self-proclaimed superiority on every occasion.
He is very meticulous and plans his actions well,
spending a lot of time contemplating upon his     tactics.
He does not about loyalty, tradition and honesty, his main purposes being only
to keep himself safe and destroy his enemies by any means
He is perseverant and ambitious pursuing his objectives
by flattering, bribing and manipulating people, by word or by force. The Baron
is merciless, cruel and sadistic, often torturing his captured foes…as Duke
Leto discovered when he was in his custody. He considers that his vendetta
could only end in blood, thus deciding to execute the Duke as soon as
Harkonnen is a remarkable character, pushing his
ambitions so far as to bring his heir on the Imperial throne.  

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