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Titlu referat: Animals in danger

Nivel referat: liceu

Descriere referat:
According to the European branch of WWF, the brown bear is in danger in all the
world. Its population is about 100-150 persons. We find her in Central and
Northern Pindos and also in Western Rodopi.
Another species in danger in all over
Europe is lynx, the biggest European feline. Very few lynxes live now in Greece
because of the hunting for their fur and because of the damages they cause in
stockbreeding. We find them in the mountain range of Pindos and in forests in
the Northern borders of our country.
     The Mediterranean
seal is the most threatened mammal in Europe. It has disappeared from the
European coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and that's why Greece is very
important for its protection. The main reasons for its disappearance are the
damage of her living areas, the killing by the fishermen because of the damages
she does to their nets, the luck of food and the pollution of the
     Animal in danger in
Europe is also the wolf. Greece is one of the European countries were the wolf
seems to be found in a satisfying amount. But still, they are not more than
500. The wolf lives in almost the whole mainland, except Peloponnisos from
where he was disappeared during the 40's decade. He also lives in the mountains
of Sterea Hellas, but there isn't a permanent population there.
    The jackal is found in
almost all the areas of the mainland. The only island where the jackal lives is
Samos. We don't have an exact number of the population but all the facts show
that there is a wane of it.
     The deer, the
biggest vegetarian animal in Greece, is under an immediate danger. Because of
the exaggerated hunting its populations are minimized and today there are very
few left only in the peninsula of Sithonia, the mountain range of Rodopi and
     In the Mediterranean
Sea, the sea turtle caretta-caretta is reproduced only in Greece, Cyprus and
Turkey. The density of the nests in Zakynthos is the higher all over the world.
Extract from the project "Animal in Danger "
by the student Plesa Claudiu

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