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It is a partnership between the landowner and the developer
wherein the former contributes his rawland while the latter undertakes and
finances all the costs to convert the land into a finished homesite.
On the part of the landowner, joint venture is resorted to when he
does not have the funds or cannot secure financing for the development of the
project. On the part of the developer, joint venture is an option to avoid the
cost of site acquisition.
Obligations Of
Make available the title, tax declaration, and other
documents to enable the developer to prepare the plans, procure government
approvals, and implement the development.
Not to sell, encumber, or otherwise dispose of the land without the
knowledge and consent of the developer.
Assign to the developer the lots/units pertaining to the latter, in
case sharing is by allocation of lots/units.
Undertakings Of Developer
(At His Expense)
Feasibility study
Preparation of plans
Relocation, topographic and subdivision surveys
Procurement of government approvals.
Completion of development, utilities and amenities
Maintenance and upkeep of project facilities prior to turn-over
Progress report to landowner
Marketing and collection
Remittance of owner's share, if sharing is from sales
The percentage of sharing between the landowner and the
developer depends on the value of the rawland and the cost to make it a
completed project. For example, if rawland value and project cost are the same,
the sharing is generally on a 50-50 basis.
Implementation of the sharing percentage may either be pro-ration
of the sales proceeds or allocation of developed lots or units.
Safety Nets For
Title verification
Sound feasibility study
Annotation of joint venture on land title
Phasing of development of big hectarages
Safeguards For
Verification of developer's capability and credibility:
Audited financial statement
SEC registration
Past and on-going projects - date started and completed
Inventory of machinery, equipment, tools
Pending cases with HLURB, if any
Credit check
Engagement of consultant to :
Ascertain fair market value of land
Evaluate cost estimate of developer
Review joint venture agreement
Monitor and evaluate developer's compliance with his undertaking
Not to allow mortgage of land title to secure financing for
Assignment of lots/units pertaining to the developer should be
based on accomplishment, if sharing is by allocation of lots/units.
Some protective provisions in joint venture contract :
Itemization of developer's undertakings and specifications of
development design standards, materials, and workmanship
Period for finalization of plans and specifications, procurement
of approvals, and completion of different phases of development
Submission of progress reports by developer re: status of
application for approvals, development, sales, and collection
Initial selling price and conditions for price increase
Percentage and manner of sharing. If sharing is from sales
proceeds, how owner's share will be remitted. If sharing is allocation of
lots/units, assignment of lots/units shall be based on accomplishment
Penalties for failure of developer to comply with his undertakings
within schedule. They may include termination of joint venture contract;
improvements already completed shall accrue to the benefit of landowner without
reimbursement to the developer; receivables from buyers shall accrue to the
benefit of landowner.
Non-liability clause - Developer's undertaking to be solely liable
for any civil, administrative or criminal liability for complaints of buyers;
death or injury to any person in the course of development; claims of
professional and technical men, material suppliers, equipment lessors, workers
and laborers; and/or violation of pertinent laws.
Inclusion of "non-liability clause" in contracts with buyers.
Leveraging Customers/Clients to Increase





Recently, an associate, David, developed a
marketing instruction book for a niche industry that he services. After
reviewing the chapter in the book about producing television commercials he
admitted to himself that it wasn’t as strong as most other sections. Knowing a media consultant
that serviced the same industry, he contacted him and inquired as to whether he
might want to beef up the chapter on television production and in return he
would recommend his services to business owners in the industry.
Sadly, the media consultant declined because he
considered David to be his competition and he didn’t think it would be “smart” for
him to collaborate with him. David kindly smiled and offered his thanks. As
David walked away he thought to himself how foolish and short-sighted this
fellow was for not taking him up on my offer.  He just turned down thousands
of dollars in business. David was not only offering him the opportunity to have
full access to his customer base, but an endorsed
introduction to his customers!
Look Outside the Boundaries of Your Own
Far too many small businesses make the mistake of not
looking "outside the box"
of their own business to see the vast opportunities.  There is a greater share
of business awaiting them beyond their own client-base by marketing through
“joint venturing.” 
Joint venture marketing is the process of marketing to the customers of
complimentary businesses.
This is not about ruthlessly going after your
competition’s customers.
Not at all. I’m talking
about gaining access to new prospects with the express permission and
cooperation of the business that acquired those customers in the first
The Universal Customer - The Key to a Joint Venture
The “universal customer” is the focal point of the
joint venture concept. Your customers are already the customers of other
businesses that sell related products. For instance, suppose that you are a
commercial real-estate broker/agent.  You help your customers buy and sell
property. Most likely your customers also purchase products and services
Systems Consultants
Systems Consultants
Advertising Account Executives
Systems Consultants
Card -Check Processors
All these businesses market to more or less the same
customers. As a commercial real-estate broker/agent do you have something of
value to offer the customers of these other companies?  Part of the benefits
of a joint venture is to give special offers and allow the company with the
related product or service to present your offer to their customers that
results in a win-win for both of you.
Your Limitation is Only Your Imagination
To demonstrate further, here are some great examples of
smart joint venture marketing.
Idea: As a radio or tv account
executive, you could offer to provide seminars -- "How to Leverage Co-op
Dollars to enhance the Advertising Budget" and have the ability to offer
accounting, legal services, and advertising in a "special package" in order for you to
sell more long term advertising. 
If you’re a chiropractor you may consider offering an incentive program
for the partners on your group whereby they get free service for every referral
that you receive payment.  Or offer free massage gift certificates for your
partners to give clients. Once the client comes in for their free service, have
them fill out a survey to determine other needs.  With this information you
can make other referrals.  Don't forget to package
special incentives to keep your potential client
coming back. will endorse the services and refer the customer to
The SMART EXCHANGE Group does “endorsed mailing". An endorsed mailing can include
a simple letter endorsing the services of
The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro sent
a clear message that the issues facing urban centres in the developing world
were too important and too great in scope for governments to address them
acting alone - new partnerships would have to be forged with the private
sector. Agenda 21 talked aggressively about "public-private partnerships",
stating that the public and private sectors "should strengthen partnerships to
implement the principles and criteria for sustainable development," and the
public sector "should establish procedures" to allow for an "expanded role" for
the private sector.
The urgent insistence that the private
sector have an expanded role in moving Agenda 21 forward unlocked the door to a
completely different approach. Following the summit, UNDP and SPM began to
develop a new model to engage the private sector in designing and implementing
solutions to urban environmental issues - the joint venture PPP.

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