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It's absolutely Halloween. And, Halloween is
absolutely the best holiday of the year. It is the favorite for many as there
is no stress, no overload, and no "Holiday Depression" . It's just absolutely
Bats Bizarre Dracula Ghosts Witches Graveyards
Ghouls Haunted Houses Movies Paranormal Parties Pumpkins Skeletons Scarecrows
Vampires You name it, we'll take you to it.
This Holiday is celebrated by all the
creatures of the undead and they will turn over in their graves when they here
the living speak of this day. The living feel safe and secure until the demons
reveal their horrid faces. For thousands of years, this has been the night for
the spirits and the undead to rule the land. Beware of ghostly images on the
Night of October 31st.
The Origin of Halloween
The origin of Halloween dates back 2000 years
ago to the Celtic celebration of the dead. A Celtic festival was held on
November 1, the first day of the celtic New Year, honoring the Samhain, the
Lord of the Dead. Celtic ritual believed that the souls of the dead returned on
the evening before November 1. The celebration included burning sacrifices and
costumes. These early events began as both a celebration of the harvest and an
honoring of dead ancestors.
Halloween spread throughout Europe in the
seventh century. It began with "All Hallows Eve", the "Night of the Dead". It
is immediately followed by "All Souls Day", a christian holy day.
The first lighted fruit was really carved out
of gourds and turnips. European custom also included carving scary faces into
the gourds and placing embers inside to light them. This was believed to ward
of evil spirits, especially spirits who roamed the streets and countryside
during All Hallows Eve.
The Irish brought the tradition of carving
turnips and even potatoes with them to America. They quickly discovered that
pumpkins were bigger and easier to carve.   
Halloween is the evening of October 31 which
is All Saints Day. In American Halloween came to be observed by children by
dressing up in scarry or other costumes and play trick or treat.
We am not sure about the origins of Haloween.
The first references date to about 1550. It has apparently evolved from the
feast of Allhallows or All Saints Day on November 1. This celebration dates
from the 14th or 15th Centuries. Allhallows was a shortened form of
Halloween as celebrated in America has Celtic
anf English origins. Haloween or comparable holidays is celebrated in many
different countries.
On October 31st, you will likely see witches,
ghosts, goblins, skeletons, demons, and other evil characters knocking at your
door and hollering "trick or treat", and they will expect a treat or you will
be tricked. There will be parties where kids (and even adults) bob for apples,
tell fortunes, or go through haunted houses. There will be decorations of
jack-o-lanterns, witches on brooms, and black cats. It is the only day of the
year when we give free food to strangers and display carved vegetables on our
front porches.  . . .when you really think about it, October 31st is a very
strange day . . .Where did we get this celebration called
Halloween celebrations (of any kind or form)
did not become popular in the United States until the late 1800s. It appears to
have arrived after 1840, when large numbers of immigrants arrived from Ireland
and Scotland and introduced elements like Mischief Night, beliefs about elves
and fairies, and practices such as jack-o'-lanterns. (Many of the Halloween
customs that they brought to America probably did not enter Irish and Scottish
culture until after 1750.) The practice does not come from ancient times, but
modern. It must be said that "Halloween" as we know it in America, with all the
folk stories and urban legends attached to it, is a distinctly American
phenomenon, with the "Trick or Treat" bits occurring after 1930.
Halloween is celebrated in many countries
today, but this is actually a result of secular American influence:
Halloween has become one of the most
important and widely celebrated festivals on the contemporary American
calendar, and it is not even officially a holiday. No day off is given for
Halloween, no federal decree is proclaimed establishing it as a national
holiday. People simply do it.
Unlike many other holidays, the children
didn't dress up for Halloween, there is of course a good deal of dressing down.
Children used to make their costumes using much imagination. Now costumes are
generally massed produced and brought in discount stores. Trick or treat had
declined in popularity because of saftey concerns. Fundamentalists groups have
asailed this once rather innocent child's celebration as satantic. (These are
of course the same people who see the Teletubbies as subverting innocent
minds.) In recent years Halloween has become mpre popular as an adult holiday.
Halloween celebrations date back
over two thousand years, originally descending from the Celtic festival
"Samhain" -- a harvest festival marking the death of the old year and the
beginning of the new one. While the festival itself was one of joy, the Celts
believed "Samhain" to be the "Lord of Death" who allowed spirits to return to
their former homes on earth, only on October 31.
traditions have evolved some over the years, but today
the only spirits have evolved some over the years, but today the only spirits
returning home will be children toting the bounty of their own "trick or treat"
Halloween customs
Observance of Halloween faded in the South of
England from the 17th
century onwards, being replaced by the commemoration of
the Gunpowder Plot on November 5. However it remained popular in Scotland,
Ireland and the North of England. It is only in the last decade that it again
became popular in the South of England, but as an entirely Americanized
The custom survives most accurately in
Ireland, where the last Monday of October is a public holiday. All schools
close for the following week for mid-term, commonly called the Halloween Break.
As a result Ireland is the only country where children never have school on
Halloween and are therefore free to celebrate it in the ancient and
time-honored fashion.
Halloween has become one of the most
important and widely celebrated festivals on the contemporary American
calendar, and it is not even officially a holiday. No day off is given for
Halloween, no federal decree is proclaimed establishing it as a national
holiday. People simply do it.

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