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Titlu referat: A day without conflicts

Nivel referat: liceu

Descriere referat:
    A day without conflicts
  Conflicts are such things that existed exist and
will exist in our society. There is a variety of causes that can create a new
conflict. And also there is a big diversity of conflicts, like politic, social
and family. I’d like to
speak about family conflicts and how we can avoid them and to live a day
without conflicts.
  Conflicts like I said are caused by a lot of
factors. One of them can be lying. When you lie you only calm yourself that
problem doesn’t exist, but
if it is an important and “ripe” lie it should be known soon by other
members of the family. If you did something bad you must immediately say that
to your parents, because an unhealed wound sometimes should open.
  Another problem that causes sorrow is lack of
communication between the members of the family. If you have something on your
soul you must share with your problem to your home friends. I heard that nobody
in this world wants you more happiness than your parents want for you. They are
always ready to have “soul discussions” with you and to help you to pass
away from your life difficulties. Don’t forget that the mother would seem offended if you don’t like to share with her, because she
feels all the changes of your mood and soul. Also she could create a new
conflict based on that that you don’t appreciate her and you aren’t loyal with her.
  The last problem that I see is lack of patience.
Only if you eat a “spoon of patience” every day you would be able to avoid
conflicts. Remember that young men yield to old from that cause that they are
younger. Do not try to have bets on absurd topics and to be stubborn. If your
mother really wants something from you she’ll obtain that.
  Conflicts are a part of our Earth life and without
them our life will transform into a melancholic and interest less thing. But do
not outrun the measure. It would have some not wanted results. 
  Let’s have a nice life…

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